February 18th, 2018

Kraftwerk 3D

Kraftwerk 3D
Entrance from: 19:00
Begins: 20:00
Ends: 22:00

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On 18th of February electronic music pioneers “Kraftwerk”will perform with amazing 3D show in Arena Riga. During two hour performance all band’s most known hits will be played: The Man-Machine, Spacelab, The Model, The Robots, Autobahn, Computer Love, Tour de France, Radioactivity, Aero Dynamik, Boing Boom Tschack etc.

Important part of the show is high quality 3D projectors which are providing particularly realistic visual addition.

This is the most sweeping tour of German electronic music legends since 2013 and it is carrying on the material documented in their “3-D The Catalogue” collection which was released on May this year. Audio and video materials sums up a number of very meaningful performances for the band in museums and concert halls in period from 2012 till 2016. Collection is available in several variations: as 4 Blu-ray cd (with 228 page long book), 8 CD or 9 vinyl record set.

It is not an overdone statement that “Kraftwerk” are almost as important in electronic music, as “Beatles” are in popmusic. Quartet formed in the end of 60’s, their main strenght Dusseldorf Conservatory graduates Ralph Hiter and Florian Scgneider were so progressive for their period of time that they have influenced so extensive amplitude of genres from Detroit techno till hiphp, and from EDM till computerized sintpop. “New Order” and Madonna have adjusted their compositions to their samples, “Coldplay” uses Computer Love motive in their hit Talk, but David Bovie even named one song after Schneider. Tens, and even thousands of musicians have named “Kraftwerk” as their authorities.

After experimenting with German krautrock in the middle of 70’s “Kraftwerk” turns to making electronic music. By using synthesizers, drum machines, voice changers, samplers, and self made instruments, they are evolving their own style, which is called “robot pop”, in famous “Kling Klang” home studio. Catchy melodies with repeating rythm; explicit industrial electronic sound with changed alienated “robot” vocal is the band’s handwriting. Additional mystery is created with four almost static musicians by their electronic instruments, who are sometimes replaced by real size dolls (for example in The Robots song), and their very tight communication with audience. Also, media rarely encounter an interview or comment from band members. As the only original memeber of “Kraftwerk”, Ralph Hiter, points out, they have always considered that band’s creative work should speak by itself and any comments are just unnecessary.

Despite that “Kraftwerk” memebers have confessed that they feel the best in their “Kling Klang” studio, where perfect sound is been cunned again and again in their accuracy, they admit that concerts have always been relevant part of their expression. But even then sound and visual message have to be polished till absolute nuance. That is why quartet can’t be called as intensively touring and every their performance is really special and well planned show.

Ticket sales in “Biļešu serviss” network and www.bilesuserviss.lv will start on Friday, 6th of October, 10 AM. Price will start from €39.

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