Terms and Conditions for visitors to “Arena Riga” a multi- functional hall


Arena Riga, Ltd Arena Riga”- a company with limited liability; its registration number: 40003724100. Its legal address is 21 Skanstes Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1013.

The arena – Arena Riga – a multi-functional hall with adjacent land; it is located at 21 Skanstes Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1013.

An event – a concert, sports or entertainment performance or any other event that takes place in the arena.

An organiser – a private or legal body which organises an event or events in the arena.

A ticket – a piece of paper or an e-ticket, bracelet or other type of facility which enables the holder to enter and attend the event.

A ticket seller – a person who is entitled to sell tickets for an event.

A visitor – any person who wishes to attend or attends an event at the arena.

Terms and Conditions – the terms which visitors must comply with within the designated area of the arena.

A vehicle – any type of transport – a car, cycle, motorcycle, moped, etc., which is parked or is going to be parked on the car park of the arena.


2.1. The presence and actions of visitors to the arena are governed by these terms and also by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
When purchasing tickets and / or entering or attempting to enter the arena, it is assumed that the visitor is familiar with and will comply with these terms, as well as the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia

2.2. Organisers and / or ticket sellers may issue their own regulations and requirements for visitors to comply with when attending events in the arena in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the arena. In those cases where there are contradictions between the terms of organisers and / or ticket sellers and the Terms and Conditions of the arena, the terms of the arena shall take


3.1. The terms of the arena may be amended at any time to reflect any changes in the internal regulations which relate to Arena Riga Ltd or the arena, changes in the contracts concluded between the arena and organisers and ticket sellers or changes in procedures to occupational health and safety and other general safety and security or if there are changes in the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

3.2. Each visit to the arena by visitors will be dealt in accordance with the terms and conditions that existed during the time the visit took place. It is the responsibility of each visitor to become acquainted with the terms that apply prior to entering the arena and the event.


4.1. Tickets can be in paper or electronic form – with a bar code on mobile devices – or bracelets or in any other form which ensures visitors the right to attend an event. Once a ticket has been purchased there is no right of refund or exchange for any services of a similar cost other than in accordance with the terms of the arena and the conditions issued by the ticket seller who the ticket has been bought from. The fact that the holding of tickets comply with the above stipulations does not guarantee a visitor entry to the event. In addition, it will also be necessary to establish the validity of the ticket or the right of the bearer of the ticket to attend this particular event with this specific ticket.

4.2. Only a person who has a valid ticket will be allowed to enter any event in the arena. Tickets must be kept throughout the event by the visitor and during the entire visit to the arena.

4.3. It is the responsibility of the visitor to keep his/her ticket safe and secure. A ticket may be declared invalid if it is damaged, torn or altered, e.g. marked, crumpled, stained by liquid or otherwise disfigured. A ticket is also invalid if its stub has been torn off. Tickets will not be re-issued if they have been lost or stolen. The arena, Arena Riga Ltd, the organiser and the ticket seller are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

4.4. Ownership or possession of a ticket does not give the right to use, modify, copy or otherwise handle any symbol, trademark, logo and / or any copyrighted intellectual property displayed on the ticket or used in connection with an event. Tickets cannot be used for advertisements, competitions, betting or for any other commercial purpose without the prior written consent of the arena, the organiser and /or the ticket seller.

4.5. Each ticket provides a visitor with the right to be located in certain seated or standing areas in accordance with the value of the ticket and the zone or seat identified on the ticket. The arena and organiser reserve the right to provide alternative seating or standing areas if, for organisational or technical reasons, the specific seating/standing space is not available as specified on the ticket. Under these circumstances, the arena and the organiser will make every effort to ensure the visitor a place or seat of equivalent value. Consequently, it will be adjudged that the arena and the organiser will have fulfilled their obligations to the visitors in these circumstances and no claim may be brought against the arena and / or the organiser.

4.6. The organiser has the right to choose the specific ticket seller who will sell tickets for an event. In order to be sure if the person selling the tickets is entitled to do so, please contact Riga Arena Ltd or the event organiser.

4.7. Both the arena and the event organiser can deny entry to the arena if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the tickets shown have been purchased from an unauthorised ticket dealer or other unauthorised sources or if they have been copied or otherwise reproduced.


5.1. The organisers of the event have the right to decide which ages and categories of children can attend the event free of charge. However, there are specific individual events when tickets must be purchased for all visitors, regardless of age. Please contact the ticket seller or event organiser to clarify the rules for purchasing tickets.

5.2. Visitors should note that the presence of minors at an event is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. In accordance with current legislation, a person who has not reached the age of 16 must not be in a public place without being accompanied by a parent, guardian, foster parent or a manager of a childcare facility or other authorised adults who can accompany the minor through the night. The night is designated as being from 22:00 to 06:00 the following day.

5.3. It is possible to set specific age limits regarding attendance at specific events. The person, who buys tickets in their own right or on behalf of others, is responsible for complying with the terms set out. If a visitor attends an event for which a specific age limit has been set, the visitor must present, on request, a document with a photograph which proves the identity and age of the person who wishes to enter the arena. The arena and the organiser reserve the right to refuse entry, without compensation, to any person who cannot provide appropriate documentation.

5.4. Any person who buys tickets in his/her own right or on behalf of others is responsible for ensuring that the specific event is suitable for children regardless of any age limit and also if the audience of the event can be regarded as appropriate for children.

5.5. The arena and the organiser suggest that children should not be subjected to the consequences of loud music or excessive noise over a prolonged period of time. In those cases where children attend events of this type, it is recommended that children use suitable equipment to protect their hearing. It is also recommended that visitors take note that a concert environment is not suitable for small children.

5.6. Adults also need to be sure that their children will not annoy or affect other visitors, apart from those events which are specifically aimed at children. The arena and the organiser reserve the right to eject parents and their children from an event if the children annoy or cause offence to other visitors.


6.1. A visitor has to show a valid ticket to be admitted to the arena. Any visitor must produce a valid ticket for the event on request. Failure to present a ticket may be a reason for a visitor to be ejected from the arena.

6.2. Screening is a prerequisite for entry to the arena; it is done to ensure the security and safety of visitors while they are in the arena. The security of the event has the right to screen clothes, bags and its contents and any other items determined by the arena and the organiser. Visitors may be screened on arrival or on departure.

6.3. The arena and the organiser reserve the right to prohibit individuals attempting to take the following items into the arena:

6.3.1. any items prohibited by law. Anyone found in possession of illegal or smuggled goods may be subject to legal proceedings;

6.3.2. weapons, ammunition, explosives, trumpets, whistles, drums, selfie – sticks, products that simulate explosions and pyrotechnics, flammable and poisonous substances, psychotropic and narcotic substances, flagpoles, professional photographic and video equipment with removable lenses, any kind of food or drink, except liquids for infants, large umbrellas or any other item which, based on the opinion of the representative of the arena or the organiser, may pose a danger or nuisance to other visitors, the event or the arena;

6.3.3. items prohibited by performers in the event or by their managers and/or by the organiser of the event.

6.4. Visitors are responsible for their own property while in the arena. Neither Arena Riga Ltd nor the organiser is responsible for property that has been lost, stolen or damaged during an event in the arena. Any item left at the entrance / exit or with security personnel is also the responsibility of the visitor.

6.5. It is prohibited to bring animals to events in the arena.

6.6. Visitors may be denied access to the arena or they may be ejected from an event without compensation if a visitor refuses to leave the prohibited items mentioned in paragraph 6.3. with the staff of the arena, the organiser, or if a visitor refuses to be searched. Additionally, a visitor may be ejected if, in the opinion of the representative of the arena and/or the organiser, it is believed that the visitor:

6.6.1. poses a risk to the health and safety of him/herself and / or other visitors;

6.6.2. affects the rights of other visitors to enjoy an event;

6.6.3. affects the continuation of an event;

6.6.4. may or can damage the property of the arena or the organiser;

6.6.5. violates or may violate laws;

6.6.6. breaches the terms for visitors or other regulations which have to be followed in the arena during the event; for example, if a visitor does not comply with the notices placed in the arena which prohibit:

– entering the backstage area or other premises which are closed to or prohibited to visitors;

– blocking emergency exits;

– climbing on the structure of the building;

– throwing objects or substances on stage or among the crowd or at another visitor;

– smoking in a prohibited area;

– performing any other act which contravenes the regulations regarding the event.

6.7. In those cases where the visitor has a complaint or a problem, he/she must immediately contact the nearest seat assigner, a member of the security staff or any representative of the arena or the organiser to resolve the dispute or problem as soon as possible. Visitors need to understand that solving a dispute or complaint after some time has passed following the event can be difficult and time-consuming.


7.1. If a visitor leaves the arena after entering an event while the event is still in progress, he/she has to purchase a new entry ticket. In some cases, at the discretion of a representative of the arena and the Organiser, exceptions may be made.

7.2. Visitors to events have the right to stand and remain standing during the event even if they have bought seats. Consequently, the view can be affected for other visitors. Money for tickets will not be refunded for visitors if visibility has been restricted in this way.

7.3. The seats of the stalls are all positioned at the same level. In those cases when visitors believe that the visibility is not always possible as a result, no claims or requests for refunds will be accepted by the arena.

7.4. It is not possible to enter the arena before the times stipulated for opening entrance doors.

7.5. In some specific events and, as a result of a request of performers in an event, those visitors who miss the beginning of the event will not be allowed to enter the hall until the interval. Any claims from visitors in this connection will not be accepted.

7.6. The use of photographic, video or sound recording equipment is prohibited in the arena, unless the prior written consent of the organiser and/or the arena has been granted.

7.7. Visitors must follow the signs in the arena and conform with the instructions and guidance notes of the seat assigner or any other staff or security personnel of the arena or of the organiser.

7.8. All published times of starting, finishing times and intervals of events and the times when doors will be opened are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. It is the responsibility of visitors also to ensure that they arrive in good time if an event begins before time or they have to stay in the arena longer than initially advertised. The arena and the organiser will not bear any financial responsibility if, as a result of changes to starting or finishing times of an event, visitors have incurred any financial loss, including a decrease in satisfaction or enjoyment.

7.9. Security during the event is the responsibility of a licensed security company employed by the organiser. The arena is not responsible for the decisions and/or actions taken by the staff of any security company employed. Complaints or concerns regarding security should be addressed to the organiser or the security company employed by the organiser.

7.10. Video surveillance is used in the general area of the arena, car park and inside the arena itself. The arena, the organisers or performers in an event or other persons authorised by them can film and photograph during an event. When purchasing a ticket and / or attending the event, all visitors also agree to be photographed and / or filmed and that their image can be used in films, photographs or audio-visual recordings. All rights to the material and its use belong to the arena or an authorised third party. The arena, the organiser or an authorised third party may use this material at their discretion throughout the world and in any media for advertising or for any other purpose including commercial purposes such as the production of DVDs, without any payment to the visitors concerned. These terms do not apply to material filmed for permanent video surveillance purposes within the arena or for security footage.

7.11. Visitors must leave the arena without causing a disturbance and so respecting other customers and the inhabitants of the immediate and surrounding area.


8.1. In the event of an emergency, visitors must follow the instructions and guidance provided by the staff of the arena, security personnel or other authorised individuals.

8.2. Smoking is prohibited inside the arena. Smoking is only permitted in those specified areas designed and equipped in the arena, namely “A” and “C” sides.

8.3. Visitors should be aware that prolonged exposure to loud noise can damage hearing. Additionally, flashing lights and flashlights may be used in events. Visitors must take personal responsibility for the impact these features can have on their health.

8.4. If visitors have any special requirements or needs regarding access to the arena and/or any events, they should contact representatives of the arena prior to purchasing a ticket. It will then be possible to determine whether or not the arena can meet these requirements. Otherwise the arena may refuse certain services desired if there is no prior agreement.


9.1. It is prohibited to bring any food or drink except those for infants into the arena. However, the arena provides a variety of food and beverages.

9.2. Beverage bottles are sold in the arena with the corks / caps/ stoppers removed. Cans are served opened or drinks are served in plastic glasses to reduce health and safety risks. This is also done to prevent cans being thrown on the ice hockey rink or onto the stage. In some events all drinks will be served in plastic glasses.

9.3. Alcohol is sold only to people who are 21 or over. Visitors must be willing to show identification at the request of salespeople to verify their age.

9.4. Representatives of the arena may refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to visitors if they are under the influence of alcohol, or, if by selling alcoholic beverages to the visitor, he/she is thought likely to become under the influence of alcohol.


10.1. It is prohibited to sell or distribute tickets, food, beverages or any other type of goods in the area of the arena and inside it. It is also forbidden to distribute any type of advertising and marketing material, carry out advertising or marketing campaigns without the prior written consent of a management representative of Arena Riga Ltd.


11.1. If an event is cancelled or postponed, visitors have the right to receive compensation and / or the right to exchange a ticket for a different event in accordance with the regulations of the authorised seller of tickets or the organiser of the event. In these cases visitors need to contact the ticket seller or the organiser of the event.

11.2. All visitors are obliged to verify on the website of the arena, the organiser or the ticket seller, whether or not the event will take place or has been postponed or cancelled. Information regarding these changes will be posted on the arena website as soon as possible. The phrase “as soon as possible” takes into account that posting the information may be subject to unforeseen events outside the control of the arena; therefore the appearance of information on the website may be delayed.

11.3. The arena is not liable and does not pay any compensation to visitors if the organiser or performers in the event make any changes to the programme of any event, the performers or equipment used in the performance or similar, as indicated on the tickets or in any other information published regarding an event. In the case of claims, visitors have to contact the organiser of the event.


12.1. The arena has the right to provide parking services itself or through authorised third parties.

12.2. When using the car park, accessing or leaving it, visitors must comply with Terms of Use included in the general terms and conditions of the arena. Visitors must also comply with all other terms of use issued by the car park in addition to the terms and conditions and any terms, instructions, directions and signs placed at the entrance of the car park or within its owned land in respect of parking.

12.3. Visitors should note that the car park of the arena is available to other visitors and people passing through the car park. The staff of the arena or the staff of any other authorised third party that manages the car park, ensure that people who behave or act in a way that may lead to damage to vehicles or the equipment of visitors or vehicle theft will be excluded from the car park as far as is practicable. However, visitors should note that the arena cannot guarantee complete security for visitors at all times. Consequently:

12.3.1. the arena, its employees and those authorised people of the arena, will, in accordance with the prevailing legislation of the Republic of Latvia, be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft from cars placed in the car park, provided that the visitor can demonstrate that any loss, damage or theft was the results of unlawful or illegal acts of employees of the arena or by authorised people of the arena;

12.3.2. the arena, its employees and its authorised persons shall, in accordance with the prevailing legislation of the Republic of Latvia, be held responsible for the death or personal injury caused to people in the area of the arena car park, only if it can be established that the death or injury was caused as a result of unlawful or illegal acts of employees of the arena or by authorised people of the arena.

12.4. It is the responsibility of visitors to ensure that the following precautions have been taken when leaving the vehicle:

12.4.1. the vehicle is locked;

12.4.2. that the windows of the vehicle are closed and locked;

12.4.3. that the security system, if there is one, is in working order and has been activated;

12.4.4. that no belongings have been left in the vehicle as far as is practicable and, in particular, to ensure that no items are visible from outside the vehicle.

12.5. If a visitor finds that the vehicle or its equipment is damaged, or theft from the vehicle has taken place, the visitor must immediately report this to the State Police and the staff of the arena, unless it is stated in national legislation that a specific case need not be reported to the State Police. Visitors are also responsible for reporting the incident to their insurance provider if they have one and subject to their insurance policy.

12.6. If visitors believe that they have the right to claim against the arena, its employees and / or authorised persons in accordance with the written terms and conditions, they must submit a written statement to the arena no later than 72 (seventy two) hours following the incident which is the reason for the claim. Visitors must also provide all available evidence to substantiate their claim.

12.7. Visitors must comply with all signs within the car park and also obey any instructions given by staff of the arena or other authorised persons and also to comply with signs which indicate the intended parking spaces. Visitors on foot in the car park must obey the terms and conditions regarding safety within the car park.

12.8. All visitors are fully responsible in those cases when they or their vehicle has caused damage to another vehicle or to any person in the arena car park.

12.9. Visitors must purchase a ticket for entry or exit from the arena car park. All conditions relating to costs, prices, their purchase and terms regarding tickets, passes, subscriptions and other means of access and egress are defined in the specific terms or are displayed at the entrance to the arena car park.

12.10. The staff of the arena has the right to eject any person from the car park of the arena who fails to comply with these terms or any other terms and conditions relating to the arena car park. This also includes the demand for visitors to move their vehicle away from the land of the arena at any time. If visitors fail to comply with this requirement, the staff of the arena has the right to remove the vehicle at the expense of the visitor.


13.1. If the arena, in accordance with these terms, is in breach of its obligations to visitors and, as a result, visitors suffer loss or damage, then visitors may be eligible to compensation. However:

13.1.1. the arena is responsible for loss or damage to visitors only to the amount which is equal to the nominal value of the ticket purchased by the visitor;

13.1.2. the arena is not responsible for any losses or expenses that visitors incur regarding attending an event, its cancellation or postponement. This includes travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence costs.

13.2. “Force majeure” , within the context of these terms, means any cause which is beyond the control of the arena or the organiser, including but not limited to, war, riots, acts of terrorism, fire, explosions, flood, occasions of national mourning, malicious damage, strikes, the blocking of entrances to the arena, weather conditions, national laws, regulations and requirements issued by state or municipal authorities and institutions. Neither the arena nor the organiser shall be liable in relation to activities or omissions caused or influenced by these “force majeure” circumstances.

13.3. Paragraphs 13.1 and 13.2 of the terms cannot be interpreted as excluding or limiting the liability of the arena regarding death or personal injury to any visitor caused by wrongful or illegal acts of the staff of the arena as interpreted by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.


14.1. To the extent that it is permissible by law, the arena has the right to transfer their rights and obligations which derive from these terms, to any third party as long as the rights of visitors are not affected or violated.

14.2. If any of the paragraphs of these terms become invalid because of a decision by the State or municipality the paragraph is adequately replaced, amended or supplemented in such a way that the rest of the terms are still valid.

14.3. If the arena or the organiser delays the implementation of the terms contained in this document, this does not mean that the arena has waived its rights to comply with them.

14.4. These terms have been written in accordance with current Latvian legislation. Any dispute will need to be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Latvia.


15.1. These terms and conditions, as written in the preceding pages, shall come into force on 1 October 2016 and will remain in force until they are replaced by a new version or are amended or cancelled.


Arena Riga – a company with limited liability