Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to purchase tickets at Arena Riga?

Usually it is not possible to purchase tickets at the box office of Arena Riga. Please look for information from the event organiser and / or ticket provider of particular event of your interest. Most popular ticket providers are the following companies –  Biļešu Serviss, Biļešu Paradīze and Ekase.

Does Arena Riga organise events?

No, Arena Riga does not organise events, but it offers the possibility to rent the premises for concerts, sports events and corporate events.

How can I access Arena Riga by public transport?

In order to figure out your timetable, route and the closest mode of public transport as efficiently as possible, we advise you to visit the website of Rīgas satiksme.

Are umbrellas allowed in Arena Riga?

No, we kindly ask you to leave umbrellas and other potentially hazardous items at home. We advise you to examine the list of prohibited items on the back of the ticket of the event or, in exceptional cases, to contact the organiser of the event.

Is photo and video equipment allowed?

Only accredited persons are allowed to bring professional recording equipment, either video or photo cameras. As professional recording equipment is considered to be equipment with interchangeable lenses. For any questions concerning the accreditation, please, don’t hesitate to contact the organizer of the event.
Nevertheless we suggest leaving selfie sticks and tablets at home, since it might be forbidden to bring these objects in the venue. However, please, contact the organizer of the event to get the precise information as regards such restrictions.

What time do the doors open prior to an event?

The time depends on the event – it is indicated on the ticket. Additionally, you can either look it up in the section EVENTS of the website of Arena Riga, or contact the organiser of the event.

Which are the best seats?

Even though the seating arrangement of Arena Riga allows you to enjoy the event from any location in the arena, we advise you to take into consideration the nature of the event before booking tickets.

If you are going to a concert, the stage will most likely be situated behind sectors 202 – 203 and it will be closer to the centre of the arena. To be right in front of the stage, choose seats in sectors 107, 108 and 109.

If you are going to a hockey or basketball game and wish to oversee the basketball court/hockey rink from the side, we recommend sectors 103, 104, 112, 133, 303 and 305.

May children visit events at Arena Riga free of charge?

Ticket sales for each event are determined by the organisers. It is usually possible for children of pre-school age to attend events without tickets, but there are cases where tickets are required for all visitors, regardless of age. As for children’s events, children of all ages are required to produce a valid ticket.

What do levels 100-300 mean?

The levels represent the floors: level 100 is the first floor, level 200 is the second floor, and level 300 is the third floor. Each level has several rows of seats which are arranged in the shape of an amphitheatre.

Is food and drink allowed in Arena Riga?

Outside food and drink is not permitted in the Arena. Snacks can be purchased in the concession area where you can find a selection of refreshments for every taste.

Are cigarettes for sale at the Arena?

Cigarettes are not available for purchase at the Arena, but there is access to smoking areas outside the arena which are open during events.

Lost items

We invite you to be particularly cautious with your belongings during events. You can retrieve lost items by calling +371 29297839 on weekdays from 10 AM till 6 PM.

Suggestions for the best Arena Riga experience

Choose your seats carefully – if you plan to see a concert of your favourite band and dance your heart out, the standing room will be the best choice for you. If you wish to enjoy the event while seated, make yourself comfortable, but please be considerate of others and get up only when necessary.

Enjoy refreshments responsibly – too much of anything is bad for you! You wouldn’t want to be the one spilling sticky soda all over the person standing next to you and ruin their clothes and mood, now would you?

Arrive on time – you will be able to check your coat, grab a snack and take your seat or find your friends in the standing room without any hurry. Otherwise you may end up waiting in line, and no-one likes that!

• Don’t hesitate to take photos during the event; unless you have professional equipment with you, for which you will need authorization from the organisers, feel free to capture what you see at a dynamic basketball game, a rock concert, or any other event. Be sure to remember to post your photos on social media, using the hashtag #arenariga – let’s share our experiences!

• Be respectful of the opposing team – any sports team and their fans are sports fanatics just like you, even if they support different teams. Friendship always wins!

• Don’t smoke in the arena – if you want to go for a smoke during an event, you can do so, but only in designated areas. Please be considerate of those wishing to enjoy some fresh air in comfort.

And most importantly – enjoy the event and all that Arena Riga has to offer!