BETSAFE Sports bar

The best place in Arena Riga to cheer for your sports team! Bring along your friends and enjoy the outstanding view of the venue, and the delicious snacks and refreshing beverages

Rezervē galdiņu

A chance to purchase seated tickets at the special Betsafe Sports Bar tables.

VIP Loža ir īpaši iekārtota telpa ar 10 sēdvietām balkonā un vairākām vietām pie letes ar skatu uz Arēnu.

Excellent view of all sports events

Exciting activities, competitions, a photo booth and other half-time surprises, courtesy of Betsafe

Possibility of arranging tables to suit your needs, depending on the number of guests

Purchase Betsafe sports bar tickets to the most popular sports events and share the moment of victory with your team, be it hockey, freestyle motocross, or basketball!

The Betsafe sports bar can be rented for hosting sports-related events of various sizes. Depending on the type of event, the premises will be comfortable for any number of guests, whether it’s 50 or 400!