17 November 2023


Doors: 18:30
Start: 20:00
End: 22:00

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Grandiose show “Disco 80” with legendary stars: C.C.CATCH, SABRINA, BAD BOYS BLUE and MAURO!
This year we’ve gathered the brightest line-up of 80s stars for you to take to the stage and create an unforgettable evening of nostalgia and unparalleled energy at the crazy party at ARENA RIGA. You will experience an exciting show with all the rhythms of the 80’s, impressive performances and modern stage design. The time machine will start on November 17, so get ready for a grandiose musical adventure.

С.С.CATCH is the unrivalled queen of disco and pop music, world renowned for her chart-topping hits such as “Cause You Are Young”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight” and many others. Her unique voice, inimitable style and energy have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. С.С.CATCH will reunite with Latvian fans on the “Disco 80” stage in Riga and give everyone an unforgettable show

SABRINA is one of the sexiest and most flamboyant singers in European pop music, becoming one of the icons of the 80s era. Her hits such as “All of me”, “Hot Girl” and “My Chico” were very popular in discos, and the appearance of the action song “Boys Boys Boys Boys” literally tore through the European charts. But besides her record of unprecedented songwriting success, SABRINA is also widely regarded as an actress and fashion model

BAD BOYS BLUE are an iconic 80s and 90s eurodance band. And its irreplaceable leader John McInerney is the only member of the band’s first golden line-up! Who hasn’t rocked out to Bad Boys Blue in their day? “You’re a Woman”, “Pretty Young Girl”, “Come Back and Stay” – in total, the cult Eurodance band recorded about 30 chart-topping hits. Bad Boys Blue are an era and you have to hear the legendary John McInerney perform all their golden hits live!

MAURO is one of the most popular representatives of 80s dance music. Not a single disco is without his compositions, and the mega-hit “Buona Sera Ciao Ciao” is rightly considered a benchmark of Italian disco style

Disco 80 Festival is not just about the music, it’s also about the real atmosphere of the era, full of bright costumes, fun and drive. We invite you to travel back in time to experience the true feel of disco in the 80s. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this unforgettable atmosphere and enjoy performances by the icons of world pop music
Tickets for the great show with С.С. CATCH, SABRINA, BAD BOYS BLUE and MAURO are on sale now. Hurry up and book them to be part of this unique musical celebration!

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