2 June 2024

Fixie show: “Watch out, fixies!” (in russian)

Fixie show: “Watch out, fixies!” (in russian)
Doors: 11:00
Start: 12:00
End: 13:00

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FIXIE SHOW: “Watch out, fixies!”

“Watch out, fixies!” –  the most popular and loved “FIXIE SHOW”. Realistic characters (Simka, Nolik, Professor Chudakov and Uma Palatovna), as if straight from the screen, and a funny plot complemented by interaction with the viewer – a time-tested formula for success

Genius Yevgenievich Chudakov, world-renowned scientist and Fiksikov’s best friend. Only he knows how much the little characters love to sing, dance and play with children! At the feverish request of Simka and Noliku, Professor Chudakov invented a special machine that magnifies Fixis so they can perform in front of children! Naturally, Simka and Nolik happily take part in the experiment and – wow – get very big thanks to the ingenuity of Genius Yevgenievich……

And then the incredible begins! ….Our heroes enjoy playing with the audience, competing with each other, dancing and singing their favourite songs. Only they won’t be discovered by the administrator Uma Palatovna! She doesn’t believe in Fixies. How will Simka and Nolik cope with this evil woman? With the help of the audience, of course

See you at the Fixie Show!
The duration of the show is 55 minutes
Language of the show: russian

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