26 May 2021

Imants Kalniņš 80

Imants Kalniņš 80
Entrance from: 17:30
Begins: 19:00
Ends: 21:30

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“ImKa” – Anniversary Concert of Imants Kalnins, celebrating his 80th birthday
Arena Riga, May 26th, 2021

On May 26th, 2021 composer Imants Kalnins turns 80, and exactly on this day Arena Riga will hold a grandiose concert program, showcasing his contribution to music. Concert will be led by conductor Maris Sirmais and directed by Reinis Suhanovs, who will also act as scenographer for the concert. Choir, symphonic orchestra, instrumental band and lead singers will all take part in the musical spectacle.
The concert will manifest how the composer’s music has always been intrinsic to Latvian culture and values, serving as a unifying element through generations. Through his artistic mentality Imants Kalnins has created a unique national code that transcends genres from academic to popular music. Unmistakable is the composer’s musical signature throughout important moments in Latvia’s history. Therefore Imants Kalnins is often considered a national gem on Latvia’s cultural scene, starting from rock music to academic music to scores for theater plays, movies and others.
Concert ‘’ImKa’’ will consist of 2 parts, covering the composer’s most memorable, popular and unmistakable musical scores.

Concert “ImKa 80” –
Musical conductor – Māris Sirmais
Director / scenographer – Reinis Suhanovs
Musical consultants – Juris Vaivods un Marts Kristiāns Kalniņš
Producer – Anda Zadovska / Mūzikas nams DAILE
Information:anda@dailesnams.lv, www.dailesnams.lv

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