7 July 2024

Final: FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament 2024

Final: FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament 2024
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

Contact us for VIP box rental options: vip@arenariga.com

Tickets for all nine games – first 6 matches in the group phase, and both semi-finals and the final game – will be available for the sale from the first day. Tickets must be purchased separately for each game – there are no ticket packages. In one purchase up to 10 tickets can be purchased.

6 teams are participating in the Olympic qualification tournament, divided into two subgroups: A (Latvia, Philippines, Georgia) and B (Brazil, Cameroon, Montenegro). On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July, there will be two games each. The top two teams from each subgroup will qualify for the semi-finals on the 6th of July (A1-B2, B1-A2). Sunday, on the 7th of July, at 19:00, the winners of the only Olympic ticket will be determined in the final match.

All Latvian games are scheduled at 19:00. The first match for the Latvian men’s national team is scheduled for the 2nd of July 19:00 against the Georgian national team. On 3rd of July at 19:00 – match against the Philippine national team. If Latvia qualifies for the semi-finals, the match with the participation of our team will start on Saturday, on the 6th of July, at 19:00. Final game on Sunday, on the 7th of July, at 19:00.

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