12 March 2020

Questions and answers on coronavirus Covid-19

Questions and answers on coronavirus Covid-19

Could the event that I wish to attend be cancelled?
We are monitoring all latest news regarding the spread of COVID-19 and we are complying with recommendations from the Latvian Ministry of Health. At present, events have not been cancelled however, if the epidemiological situation changes and further restrictions are enacted, we will abide by them.

What sort of additional actions are we taking?
We have always taken care to follow proper hygiene and cleanliness and continue to do so. We will carry out extra measures to ensure proper hygiene is being observed and that disinfectant prepa-rations are available to our patrons.

I do not wish to attend an event at the present time. Can I return my tickets?
As currently no events have been cancelled, tickets that have been purchased will not be refunded.

What steps can I take while attending an event to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?
More information regarding this question can be found on the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) of Latvia website spkc.gov.lv/en. The most important recommendations to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are very simple. They include the same actions which are recommended to protect against all other viruses which cause the flu or colds. It is always very important to ob-serve basic hygiene requirements:
– Regularly wash your hands with soap
– Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
– Use tissues or handkerchiefs
Please evaluate your condition and in case of concern follow Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recommendation to avoid public spaces so as not to endanger others.

I have flu-like symptoms. May I attend an event?
We cannot answer this question for you. You should consult your family doctor and follow the rec-ommendations of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia regarding procedures to follow in case of symptoms.

The epidemiological situation can change. Up-to-date information can be obtained from these official sources: spkc.gov.lv/en and vm.gov.lv/en

This information has been prepared in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, the Latvian Event Producers Association (LaPPA) and the Latvian Event Venue Association (LPNVA).