2 November 2024

Prime Orchestra. Dance Symphony 80s-90s

Prime Orchestra. Dance Symphony 80s-90s
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

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DANCE SYMPHONY 80s-90s– legendary dance hits of the 20th century in an original symphonic interpretation from the founders of the SYMPHO SHOW genre – PRIME ORCHESTRA!

Stars of the 80s – ABBA, MICHAEL JACKSON, MADONNA, PET SHOP BOYS, GLORIA GAYNOR, BEE GEES, as well as legends of the 90s – BACKSTREET BOYS, ACE OF BASE,2 UNLIMITED, HADDAWAY, BOMFUNK MCs, THE PRODIGY etc.- This is a classic of dance and pop music. Melodies and songs beloved by millions of people, which have become symbols of several eras, will be filled with bright symphonic colors and the power of a modern orchestra, breathing new life into famous hits. Framed by a light show, video screens, special effects, powerful, high-quality sound, DANCE SYMPHONY 80s-90s performed by PRIME ORCHESTRA guarantees the audience a flurry of emotions, vivid impressions, drive and positive energy!
The composition of the modern orchestra is far from the classical one: a driving band, outrageous vocalists, a choir group, strings, winds, percussion groups and, of course, a master of sound effects – a DJ, a total of 35 people on stage.

Dance hits, enriched with live orchestral sound, are surprisingly transformed, sounding new, epic and acquiring a special charm. Favorite music and excellent performance will leave the audience with pleasant, joyful memories for a long time!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable music show from PRIME ORCHESTRA! See the concert schedule on the official website www.prime-orchestra.com and order tickets. Hurry up, the number of places is limited!

Duration of DANCE SYMPHONY 80s-90s – 2 hours.
Attention! The concert uses loud sound and bright strobe lights.
There may be minor changes to the program.

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