21 June 2025

Band ”KINO”

Band ”KINO”
Doors: 18:30
Start: 20:00
End: 22:30

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Friends, we have long-awaited news – a new date for the concert has finally been agreed upon with the group, quote from the annex to the agreement:
“The date and place of the Event is June 21, 2025. If circumstances allow the Event to be held earlier than the specified date (by agreement with the Venue), the date of the Event may be changed to an earlier date.”

Let us add on our own behalf: the plan is as follows – as soon as the visa regime between Latvia and Russia is resumed, first the band members receive visas, after which a closer date for the concert is agreed upon with Arena Riga, and this date will not be changed based on the visas received, as a result which will make it possible to buy not only tickets for the long-awaited concert, but also for a plane with a silver wing, and book a hotel.

Our goal will remain the same – organizing the concert as quickly as possible, and not endlessly postponing it, even if not through the fault of the group or the organizers. We hope that it can take place in the summer or fall of next year, 2024!

All previously purchased tickets, regardless of the year and date of purchase, will be valid for the new date; ticket sales will also be resumed a little later.

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