27 October 2024

World of Hans Zimmer – A New Dimension

World of Hans Zimmer – A New Dimension
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
End: 23:15

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Influential. Beautiful. Dramatic. Encouraging. Powerful. Exciting. That’s what visitors have been saying about the music of Hans Zimmer, the world’s most awarded composer. In 2024, the artist is embarking on a world tour with a new concert performance, The World Of Hans Zimmer – A New Dimension, in more than 20 countries around the world.
Visitors will have the opportunity to join the artists on a musical journey that will provide an unforgettable experience, allowing them to explore new musical dimensions with more than 100 performers: choir, orchestra, and band members, including ten world-class musicians.

The show will also include film music performances combined with visualizations on the big screen, allowing you to experience the beauty of Hans Zimmer’s music. Among the performers will be friends of the composer who has been involved in the performance of his music for film soundtracks.

The composer himself, Hans Zimmer, will participate in this musical show as curator and musical host, appearing periodically on the big screens in front of the audience.
“The World Of Hans Zimmer is the only Zimmer music show in the world created and hosted by Hans Zimmer himself, who arranged all of the compositions.
Hans Zimmer is a German film composer who rose to fame after the cult film “Rain Man” hit the screens. He has scored more than 500 projects that have grossed more than 28 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. 

For his magnificent work, Zimmer has been awarded two Academy Awards, three Golden Globes, four Grammy Awards, an American Music
Award and a Tony Award.

Some of his best-known works include Dune, the James Bond classic No Time To Die, Interstellar, Mission Impossible and Gladiator, “Plan Earthwatch”, “As Good As It Gets”, “The Last Samurai”, “12 Years a Slave”, “Blade Runner 2049” (with Benjamin Wolfish) and “Dunkirk”, as well as recent film scores including “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Wonder Woman 1984” and many more. In 2019, the composer scored the film score for The Lion King, which brought him three very prestigious awards – an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy.

Very rarely does an Oscar ceremony take place without the nominee Zimmer.

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